Week 10 (July 30th-August 5th)

Well, what can I say about this week?.. I read some papers. I wrote a paper. I read some more papers. I read more papers. Then I added more to my paper. We ran a study and discovered that one version of my game involves too many game controls and confuses the students.

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Week 9 (July 23rd-July 29th)

Evie and I thought that our games were ready for some reason test-playing early on these week and we decided to play each other’s games. She ran through the Konijn Gemstones version of my game and showed me that it needed a lot more work. So, that version has put back on the ‘Still Under Construction’ shelve and I put the finishing touches on the Grimore: Sarcastic Spellbook quest so that it can be used for our first few test subjects.

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Week 8 (July 16th-July 22nd)

This week, the final week for our Korean visitor's to learn game building, has been.. busy. There's probably a lot of words that could describe what this week has been, but none of them will probably come close to what next week is going to be.

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Week 7 (July 9th-July 15th)

Ahh! There's no time left for anything! I'm at the end of Week 7 and I'm going crazy trying to find time to finish everything. Work on The Catacombs is going great, I've gotten all the bugs out of the levels and now all that remains is getting everyone to like the plot. Research has gone about no where since last week, though I have started actually looking for sources. The Hallym kids are crazy cool and we've discovered that you shouldn't give them caffine.

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Week 6 (July 2nd-July 8th)

I'm really getting terrible at this updating thing. It was easy in the beginning when I didn't have much else to do, but now it's just time consuming!

In Week 6 of this wonderful summer experience, my team and I started looking into what exactly we need to research for our papers. We came up with around 8 different areas to research and then divided them amongst us. I'm researching the various learning types and how they can be applied to design. So far, research has been put on the back burner for the sake of developing our game still.

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Week 5 (June 25th-July 1st)

The Catacombs

Week 5, wow. Amazing to think I'm halfway through. I wish I had longer, and not just because I'm running out of time for my study.

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Week 4 (June 18th-24th)

Devastating Slap!

This weeks image is inspired by an attack we've come up with for the game. We've been working a lot on developing quests and various items and what-not for the game this week, while also planning and building for the Summer Study. We've decided on two quests that will be developed with different game engines and use similar coding concepts and interfaces, called The Catacombs and The Village.

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Week 3 (June 11th-17th)

Baby ducks, picture courtesy of Lauren

Noodles on the floor,
Noodles in your chair,
Noodles in your hair,
Noodles everywhere!!
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Week 2 (June 4th-10th)

Masochistic Cannibal Monkeys: A quest idea, gone wrong

Two down, eight to go. I'm not sure I'm happy or sad at that fact. I just know that I wish I could stay on the project until completion, an impossibility that is slowly yet surely making itself known to me.

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Week 1 (May 28th-June 3rd)

The first week is usually the most boring and exciting of weeks for most students, I bet. I know mine was.

After flying in Saturday evening and then sitting in my apartment with nothing to do until Monday afternoon, I welcomed the appearance of my roommates and lunch with my advisor, Dr. Heather Richter. Dr. Richter gave Paige Matthews and myself a brief overview of the project and what to expect over the summer, as well as setting us up with reading material and some game design tutorials. Looking back on what I have learned in this week alone, it's amazing to me that I've only been here a week.

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