Week 10 (July 30th-August 5th)


Well, what can I say about this week?.. I read some papers. I wrote a paper. I read some more papers. I read more papers. Then I added more to my paper. We ran a study and discovered that one version of my game involves too many game controls and confuses the students.

So yes, that was my week as far as work goes. Other then that I packed and said good-bye to everyone else. I was the last to fly out and had two days to sit on my own and pout in the office. I plan on creating a personal website that will include pictures taken from over the whole summer, so please email me if you would like to see it (mainly this for those whom I worked with) at tar3820@gmail.com.

A copy of my paper can be seen here, in pdf format.

A pdf version of my powerpoint can be found here.

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