Week 4 (June 18th-24th)

Devastating Slap!

This weeks image is inspired by an attack we've come up with for the game. We've been working a lot on developing quests and various items and what-not for the game this week, while also planning and building for the Summer Study. We've decided on two quests that will be developed with different game engines and use similar coding concepts and interfaces, called The Catacombs and The Village.

The Catacombs is being developed by Amanda, Alex and myself on the NeverWinter Nights gaming engine. The story behind our quest is that a woman's husband has taken their children down into the catacombs to go treasure hunting, only to get lost and seperated from the children. The player then has to complete a serious of tasks to rescue the foolish husband and the two children. We're developing two versions of the quest, each one using a different user interface. Test subjects will be assigned to play one version of the game so was can compare subject responses and success rates between interfaces.

The Village quest is being developed by Evie, Jordan and Paige. The story is similar, except now a princess has been kidnapped and the player must rescue her. This quest is developed with the RPG Maker game engine.

As with The Catacombs, two different interfaces will be used and subjects will each only play one. All of the subjects will play both The Village and The Catacombs, half starting with The Village and the other half with The Catacombs. Within the halved-groups they will be divided again so that half plays one interface and the other plays the other.

On a more personal-entertainment level, we went and saw Click this week, staring Adam Sandler. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend that you go watch it or rent it, depending on when you're reading this.

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