The Catacombs

Week 6 (July 2nd-July 8th)

I'm really getting terrible at this updating thing. It was easy in the beginning when I didn't have much else to do, but now it's just time consuming!

In Week 6 of this wonderful summer experience, my team and I started looking into what exactly we need to research for our papers. We came up with around 8 different areas to research and then divided them amongst us. I'm researching the various learning types and how they can be applied to design. So far, research has been put on the back burner for the sake of developing our game still.

There are a few bugs left in the levels that my group is creating and the primary production has shifted into my hands, as my teammates are now involved with the Hallym project. I'm currently working on the levels on my own and using various people around the office to test my game and generally make we want to pull my hair out. I get frustrated and mad when they find errors or break my game, mostly because I know that I'll need to fix something else.

I plan on finishing the Konijn family version of the game, which uses rune stones and multiple choice interfaces, by the end of this week, or the beginning of the next. The Fryar family version (dialogue tree based interfaces) is on the back burner until I finish the Konijn.

This week has been exhausting to everyone on the team and we're all starting to feel the strain. The Hallym project is a great experience for the students coming here from Korea and for those of us that are here to help them study while they're here, it's just very time consuming. We're expected to be TA's for the game design class the students are taking, which is what has been taking three of our members away from the summer study project. Paige and I aren't expected to be there but we still feel the need to go and support our teammate. We're also expected to hang out in the evenings with the Koreans, something which is training all of our freetime and work time. On average, I think we've each gotten about 3 hours of sleep every night this week. Hopefully, next week will be better.

I've taken some screenshots of the Konijn family version of The Catacombs, seen below.

The NPC that gives the player the quest Casting your familiar
An example of an attack spell Placing gems in a rune stone to complete the spell and build the bridge
Your quest journal and two of the spells you've created The Catacombs casting a spell on the player, undoing the bridge
The little girl, telling you to follow her The little boy asking you to hurry and finish the quest
The first map in the game Looking at Talino, the father's, propertities

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