Week 8 (July 16rd-July 22nd)


This week, the final week for our Korean visitor's to learn game building, has been.. busy. There's probably a lot of words that could describe what this week has been, but none of them will probably come close to what next week is going to be.

I've finished (hopefully) one version of the game completely and have gotten into writting my research paper. I've also been preparing for the presentation I have to give next week. The group's stress levels have grown to the point where we're all about to explode and if it weren't for Dr. Barnes and Dr. Richter, we probably alreaedy would have. It came to our attention earlier this week that we're all supposed to give a presentation on what we've been doing this summer. The real problem comes with the fact that we've all been working together, and whatever we present is going to over-lap whatever someone else presents. Our group mentors have defused the situation and now we're all presenting more specific things that we've done over this summer and the last year or so (for some of us) that we've done that's related to the project.

I would write more for this week's journal, but current time constraints mean that I need to get back to work. Below is another screenshots to entertain you all.

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