Dr. Tiffany Barnes

Tiffany Barnes

Dr. Barnes is an Assistant Professor at UNCC in the Computer Science Department. She teaches courses in Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Computer Game Design and Development.

Her research interests include: Advanced Learning Technologies; Artificial Intelligence, particularly used in Learning Environments, Clustering, and Data Mining; Bioinformatics, particularly in modeling protein translation using coding theory; Effective Teaching Methods; and Combinatorics, particularly Graph Theory related problems.

On a more interesting level, Dr. Barnes likes to shop at Goodwill, has three cats, a Turkish husband and has brother who makes up his own rules to board games.

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Dr. Heather Richter

Heather Richter

Dr. Richter is also an Assistant Professor at UNCC, in the Department of Software and Information Systems.

Her research interests include Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Software Engineering, and Computer Supported Cooperative Work.

Just in case you were wondering, Dr. Richter enjoys Thai food, hiking, roller-blading and rock climbing. She also has recently bought a house and is in the process of finding curtains.

To view her school website, Click Here.