Week 2 (June 4th-10th)

Masochistic Cannibal Monkeys: A quest idea, gone wrong

Two down, eight to go. I'm not sure I'm happy or sad at that fact. I just know that I wish I could stay on the project until completion, an impossibility that is slowly yet surely making itself known to me.

This past week has been a lot like the first, we're all still learning the engines and such. We did start story boarding more in depth this week, something that I'm already a bit tired of. I enjoyed brainstorming and coming up with little (or sometimes not so little) quests, but now that I have to write them out and sketch scenes, I'm finding out I rather be brainstorming. But, the planning process is a huge part of the design and construction of anything, and so plan we must. Dr. Richter has given us all some books on the subject of planning and testing designs and they've really helped me grasp the significance of proper design steps, something I had been pretty much winging before. The most notable text given would be The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A. Norman.

The Broken Barrel, click for larger view

I've been assigned the task of helping Amanda work on the game's website, something I am very excited about. Friday I built a barrel in Photoshop for the tavern's sign, pictured on the right. I'm also supposed to be finding character sketches that we can use to put on the website, as well as making a splash screen to replace the rather sexist one's we've been using.

Dr. Barnes has approached me with a request for a dynamic website that will allow all the people across the country working on this grant to correlate schedules and assigned tasks with a few simple clicks of a mouse, instead of 20-or-so emails. I plan to get started on that when she brings me all the info for it, here in the next week or so.

When not reading books, brainstorming, story boarding, making graphics, or building test games, I was usually hanging out at Dr. Barnes' house, playing the addicting game, Iron Dragon with my fellow summer interns. It's a multiplayer game that can best be described as "a cross between Monopoly and just about every other game you've ever played" (Alex). We've really been building as a team this week, doing the low ropes course here on campus on Thursday and hanging out almost constantly.

The six of us, playing the game. From left to right: Jordan, Evie, Paige, Tar (me), Alex, Lauren
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