My Teammates at UNC Charlotte are also my awesome roommates. Below are links to their own websites and blogs for this summer project.


EvieEvie is a senior in Computer Science at UNC Charlotte. She enjoys Sour Patch kids, working, and video games. She's a strong part of this team, always pushing us to test the limits of the code.

Check out her summer site at:


Alex is a senior at UNC Charlotte as well, studying in Computer Science. He's a fun loving guy who's humor makes the workplace so much more fun. He loves building and playing games, and is a perfect example of what a game designer should be.

Check out his summer site at:


JordanJordan is a junior at Lynchburg College in Virgina, studying in Computer Science. She's a Korean immigrant who's grasp of American culture far excedes my own.

Check out her summer site at:


Paige Paige is a senior at Wofford College in South Carolina. New to Computer Science, it's amazing how neat and precise her code is. A recent conversion to a DDR freak has left her learning more and more about gaming and its addictive properties. She acts as our soundboard, telling us when things are too complicated for users, or just too plain stupid.

Check out her summer site at: