About Me

My Alter Ego

A geeky nerd at heart, I, Tiffany Ralph, aka Tar, present this information about myself to you, my reader.

I am, at the time of this writing, a Junior attending Colorado State University in glorious Fort Collins, Colorado. I chose to call myself a Computer Science major, though I really would major in just about everything if I could. The reason I can't is quite simple: 1. I don't have to monetary means, and 2. I really like the idea of graduating in the Spring of '08. I am a student by day, web designer by night, working with the wonderful Halfbyte.NET. Though initially shocked at my placement in the Game2Learn project at UNCCharlotte, I am glad to report that I am rather enjoying the experience, thus far.

If you would like to contact me about my part in the project or about a website you would like me to create for you (I'm always looking for new clients), please email me at tar3820@yahoo.com.