The Catacombs

Week 7 (July 9rd-July 15th)

Ahh! There's no time left for anything! I'm at the end of Week 7 and I'm going crazy trying to find time to finish everything. Work on The Catacombs is going great, I've gotten all the bugs out of the levels and now all that remains is getting everyone to like the plot. Research has gone about no where since last week, though I have started actually looking for sources. The Hallym kids are crazy cool and we've discovered that you shouldn't give them caffine.

I've finished the Konijn version of the game enough to slide it to the back and pull the other one forward. I spent about three days this week trying to get the bugs out and the plot managable, just to present it Wednesday and be told to come up with a new plot line. Dr. Barnes and I have come up with a rather entertaining plot twist that will make everyone happy, and be easier on me to make. The deal with that is that the dialogue tree interface relied heavily on asking syntax related questions, which don't actually facilitate learning at a beginner's level. The new plot twist will take that into account and ask students more symatics based questions, making sure they understand what is happening, rather then just guessing. I don't want to get to in-depth with my description here, mostly because I haven't hammered it all out yet.

I've written a technical report to support people editing or trying to recreate my modules and that can be found here. (Please note that this document will continue to change and be updated as development is still occuring.)

I have started looking up sources and information for the study and my paper, though I really haven't started to finalize or dig deep into anything. I did update the Summer Study Wiki so that everyone in the project can list their sources and give other people sources that they might find relavent to their area of research. That page can be found here.

Below are some screenshots of this version of the game. The player is still the same wizard, and most everything in-game looks the same, you now just use conversations with a rather rude spellbook to unlock and build things, rather then gems.

The NPC that gives the player the quest your familiar has taken down some monsters for you
Your spellbook insults you A picture of editting the room with Perarry in it
The script editor and one of the maps Looking at a dialogue tree in the editor

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