Week 3 (June 11th-17th)

Baby ducks, picture courtesy of Lauren

Noodles on the floor,
Noodles in your chair,
Noodles in your hair,
Noodles everywhere!!

That's just a bit of some work place poetry and cuteness for you all to start out this week's update. So far this week I've done another Unreal Tutorial, almost have completed the assigned readings, and learned how to build a GameMaker game that allows users to input text directly into the game. We've been working on narrowing down quests and putting in all the details so that when the time comes to develop, it should not be that difficult.

This week has been a lot like the prior two, most of my time and effort going into learning systems and thinking up quest ideas. In the next week or so, we'll be developing the actual quests that we'll have people test to see if games can make learning computer science theories easier. The plan is to have two quests completely built and ready for some test subjects to play through. They will take a small test before and after they play the games so that we can gauge improvement, as well as complete a survey about how easy (or difficult) the game was to play and learn from.

Our quest ideas can be seen at http://hci.sis.uncc.edu:8080/game2learn/2. This page will be updated as more and more creative juices flow, so check back often.

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