Week Two
(June 13 - June 19)

I was introduces to Jing Li, a graduate student at The Ohio State University with whom I will be working with on her project. The task ahead will be about analysis the data from The Ohio State University's datacenter. The data analysis will be about the comparing the maximum power actually used by servers in the datacenter against their maximum theoretical peaks.

This week involved reading about datacenters and the structures within them in preparation for the tasks ahead. It was all about learning about how datacenters work with respect to power consumption; and gathering information on different theories and experiment carried out by past works concerning the power consumption in datacenters. I did most of the reading from home.

Besides reading, I continued exploring the city, discovering new places and meeting new people. I usually took a walk downtown in the late hours of the afternoon, as the sun was setting down. That way, I was spared from the sun whose heat warmed the city during most hours of the day. Monuments, parks, restaurants were some of the places I visited. Unfortunately, I hardly met any of the people more than once.