Week Six
(July 11 - July 17)

More data collection about the datacenter was done this week. This week, I had to have a total of 179 reading for each power distribution unit (PDU) we are considering for the project. At the end of this data collection, the data collected was used to derive other quantities such as the power used in Watts. This computation was done with the data gotten from the OSU datacenter as well as with that from the Computer Science and Engineering Department datacenter (which Jing have been collecting) at the OSU. All this data was organized into a single file, per PDU and the files were submitted to Jing for processing.

Also, as last week, I had to finish getting information about the different system in each rack and how these systems get powered. It involved identifying to which PDU(s) each system in the rack is connected to, by "following" each system's power cord to its plug-in location. I updated and completed most parts of the map of the datacenter showing all the structures therein and the relationship between these structures.

The week ended as we tried to get specifications for the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in the datacenter. We needed more privileges for that and we started procedure to get those privileges.