Week Ten
(August 8 - August 14)

This was the final week. What I mostly did was writing-ups and paper editing- both mine and for the other undergraduate student who worked with Dr. Stewart. In this process, Dr. Stewart was a great help as he directed us on how to write reports for such research projects. He explained to us the important parts of a research paper and how the content of this paper should be organized. This week was thus about reporting in writing what I have been doing for the past nine weeks.

I also met with Jing to straighten up certain aspects about the data I collected for the CSE datacenter as she will continues to use this data to further her research project. I made a visit to the datacenter to further verify the information I was giving her. I had the required authorization to access all parts of the datacenter. There existed some discrepancy in the data collected by me and what she had collected. The visit at the datacenter helped in explaining this discrepancy. Jing was then able to know how to better handle the data. Hopefully, the following parts of this project will go well.

At the end of the week, I met with Dr Stewart and Jing for the last time before I leave. Recommendations, advises, and some plans for the future followed these meetings. It was on this note that my ten weeks participation in the DREU program ended. Two days later, I was on a flight back to Minnesota.