Week Seven
(July 18 - July 24)

This week, we got allowed into the UPS room for the UPS measurements we will be taking during the week. After a tour of the room allowing us to take the system specifications of the machines, we proceeded to take our first readings. Readings were taken from both a web monitoring system and on site. Jing and I agreed that for the purpose of this research, the observations for the UPS power consumption will be done during two days: a weekday and a weekend. Friday and Saturday were the chosen dates. Each day was divided into four time periods (morning, noon, afternoon and evening). During each of these time periods, a set of readings was made that extended over a period of an hour.

I also worked on the dot file I had created some weeks ago that showed the hierarchal model of the OSU datacenter.  Another file was created from this dot file and was modified to run on a simulator created by another group of this research project.