Final Report

Abstract: While envisaging datacenters going green (100% dependent on clean renewable energy sources), there is a need to analyze the required energy consumption in datacenters: the amount of energy flowing at different levels in the datacenter and the type of systems using this energy. The experiment carried out involved doing an inventory of the different systems present in a studied datacenter; finding out their maximum power consumption and carrying out periodic recordings of the amount of current flowing from each screened Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to these systems. These results will later be used to find out the amount of currents flowing through the unscreened PDU to systems connected to these. Servers were the leading types of systems in datacenters both in quantity and in the amount of energy consumed. The energy supplied to servers and all other types of systems by means of the PDU seldom changed; if at all any change occurs, this change is mainly dependent on the time of the day and period of the week. This dependency is based on the amount and type of workload imposed on these systems.
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