Week Eight
(July 25 - July 31)

This week, I spent a substantial amount of time researching on the internet and in manuals the maximum power consumption of each system I had identified in either datacenters. There was over two hundred systems whose maximum power consumption needed to be determined. This process was a time consuming one as there was need to find reliable and accurate data. This sometimes required making a phone call to the customer service of some of the systems’ manufacturer, using online chat or manually doing the calculations and unit conversions.

Also, Jing ran all of the data I have been collecting through her stimulator in an attempt to use them to optimize current datacenters power distribution at the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) level. This process gave the chance to better analyze the data for discrepancies, inconsistencies and other errors. As these were discovered, they were taken note of and “fixed” in order to proceed. The process of fixing usually involves more internet-research, thus took some time. Also, we did some formatting to allow the data to run in the simulator.

Rafael is another student for DREU. Though we worked on different projects (with the same mentor), we often communicated via email. We reminded ourselves of upcoming deadlines for DREU stipend payments requirements. This week, I met with Rafael at one of the school’s library to figure out how to upload a website without any advertisement for the DREU website. We also discussed about our respective projects. The rest of the time was spent working either at the datacenter, or with Jing at her office, or from home. Sunday was the only day I could have off.