Renewable Energy For Datacenters

The use of non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal have been very common due to the large amount of electrical energy that could be gotten from these sources. However, as its name suggests, these sources once used cannot be gotten back (or are gotten back at very slow rates- about a hundred years) and their usage are known to create major environmental damages such as pollution.

On the other hand, energy sources such as the sun, wind, water and geothermal energy have been around since the Earth was formed and are renewable (self-sustaining) energy sources. However they can be difficult and often expensive to harness and large amounts are needed to produce only small amounts of electrical or fuel energy. Nevertheless, renewable energy is abundant and there is need to find a solution in harnessing that energy.

Knowledge of such facts have today rose the curiosity of various researchers into experimenting with alternative energy sources.

This website is about a research on the use of renewable energy in datacenters.