Week Nine
(August 1 - August 7)

Cross examination of certain parts of the data I have been collecting was made this week. I had to visit both datacenters to cross examine the data to ensure their accuracy. As I tried to find the max power consumption for some systems by their manufacturer and brand, certain systems required more description about the system to be able to find their power consumption. This visit to the datacenters allowed me to get such information and highlight certain detail I may have missed or neglected. Because of some security purposes, I could not get to all the parts of the datacenter. By next week, I must have gotten all the required authorization for that. This data was formatted as Jing required and sent to her. This data was edited and formatted several times throughout the week as errors were discovered when running it through Jing’s simulator.

I also met with Dr. Stewart as we discussed about my summer experience and what was left of it. Dr. Stewart introduced me to the idea of writing a research report and directed me on the aspects of the research which I needed to pay attention to in order to write a proper report. He advised me to analyze all the data I have in search for further information like patterns that were likely to occur in all datacenters. Our next meeting was scheduled, during which I will present any information I obtained from the data analysis.

Final good-byes to all the people I met outside of my research project were done. I met with my Cameroonian friend for the last time. This time, he introduced me to his roommate and another of his friends. Together, we left my midday for lunch at a Caribbean restaurant. This was on Sunday after church.