Week Three
(June 20 - June 26)

This week, I started working with Jing and Dr. Stewart. As previously mentioned, the goal is to analyze the power consumption in a typical datacenter and the factors affecting this power consumption.  I dealt with actual data from The Ohio State University (OSU) datacenter. The task was to analyze a database set up for the datacenter, with information about the different structures found therein, the relationship between these different structures, how these structures operate and some of the information/results about their operation.

From these analyzes, I was to build a hierarchal data model: a database organization method that is structured in a hierarchy; all access to data starts at the top of the hierarchy and moves downwards. This database will help in the processes ahead by easing the understanding on how power moves along circuits and the power consumption at each point of its movement.

I used the public transport to get to school, where I worked. However, I did not use this every day as I could as well work from home. The week was rather busy as I was wasted by the end of the day, and had no strength or time for anything else but sleep.