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Pictures from my Summer at the University of Delaware

So here's a couple of pictures of Udel that I've taken. Since some of my friends still have slow modems, I used thumbnails: clicking on the thumbnail will show the larger version of the picture.

Here's Me:

This summer I am working in the HiperSpace lab:

HiperSpace is located in Smith:

This is a quick shot of the inside of Smith taken from just outside the lab's door:

And if you're not tired of panoramics, another view of the lobby area is below. There are two doors on the far left. One is an entrance to the main office. The other door (with all the cartoons) is the entrance to HiperSpace.

I am living in the Rodney Complex, building C. The dorm is only a short walk from Smith. Here is the view of the walk from outside of Smith:

...and a little closer to the dangerous intersection I cross:

...and under the bridge the train goes over (the white bridge in the previous picture):

These are pictures of the Rodney courtyard you enter via the steps:

one + two = 360!!!

This is the entrance to Bldg C from the courtyard.

If you walk around the complex to the front of Rodney, you'll get this view:

and the wall that I sit on when making cell phone calls:

Here are the limited parking spaces available to Rodney residents. Note: 2 are metered, and the ones farthest away have signs restricting them for dorm staff!

Now for the $1000 room I live in:

and a panoramic view:

It's so small!!! Whenever I tell people where I am living, they reply, "I'm so sorry. Not all dorms at UDel are as bad as Rodney!"

The view from my room isn't much better. My room is the second window up, directly over the garbage bins.

One of the happenin' places in Newark is Main Street.

HiperSpace frequents Peace of Pizza, a gourmet pizza by the slice joint. You'll also notice a couple of bookstores (there is competition here! - not just one university sanctioned bookstore).

Here are some other buisnesses we frequent (TCBY).

I took this one from the other side of the street. You'll notice how much the university and the city run together: The white building on the left is the UDel Biological Science building and the GAP is next door.

We also eat in the UDel student center, Trabant, which features pizza, chik-fil-a, salads, etc.