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Weeks Eight & Nine: July 23 - August 3

Basically, I have just been following the plan outlined in week seven. I have added new buttons to TATOO and tried to get the basic functions working. I have run into a few problems, mostly stemming from the fact that this code was developed a year ago and hasn't been touched since. No one is exactly sure how things are implemented, or if they are implemented.

I have also started the "readme". I think this will be a very important part of my project, especially if I don't quite get everything finished. The person who takes over the project shouldn't be required to start over completely. Hopefully, I will have a decent amount of documentation so the next person can basically start where I left off.

The basic issues I have left with TATOO are:

(1) Addprints.java doesn't add the prints in the right place for conditionals. For example, consider the following code:

if(isempty()){             // line 13 
  System.out.println("ERROR: nothing to pop");}     // line 14 

After running the code through Addprints.java, you will get:

if(isempty()){             // line 13 
System.out.println("USE, 13, Stack, isempty");
  System.out.println("ERROR: nothing to pop");}     // line 14 

As you can see, Addprints.com adds print statements after the line the DEF, USE, or CS is on. In this case, if "isempty()" is false, the code will not go into the if statement to the print the print statement. But there was a USE of isempty(). Therefore, I need to fix Addprints to consider this case (as well as a few others).

(2) Another task to complete next week is the numbering of the tuples. I need to number each tuple set so we can easily follow the path of the tuple through the different sources.