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Week Ten: August 6 - 10

So this is the last week. I've been cleaning up directories and writing explanations of what is left to do. I'm really close to finishing. I think one more week would do it. But I don't have one more. I believe Amie is going to try to get TATOO finished.

So what works? Well, TATOO works for Stack.java (the source I've been testing it with all summer.) There are a few issues with making TATOO work for a larger package, etc. I wrote a basic analysis program for TATOO and I think Amie will elaborate on that too. We never decided on the exact statistics to report so TATOO just marks Tuples that are "covered". But basically, that's it. For more details you can refer to my final report (when it gets finshed).

I can't believe it's over...

...I remember the shock of arriving in Delaware like it was yesterday. I remember wanting to go home and see my friends. I remember getting lost everytime I tried to drive somewhere. I remember spilling water on my laptop, going to sporting games, and teaching HiperSpace about Mississippi. We even had a "Southern Word of the Day" for a couple of days. But now week ten is over, and I am driving home...

...I've had a really great summer. I've learned a lot by coding, reading, and talking with the members of the lab. I can't deny that I'm excited to be going home to my friends, but I'm also sad as I realize I may never see some of my new friends again...

Thank you, Lori and Amie. It's been awesome!