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Week Two: June 11 - 15

Wow! I feel so accomplished. I have written my first Perl program! After spending the first few days of the week reading O'Reilly's Learning Perl and trying to figure out how to fix the perl program given to me, I decided there was a better way to implement the program, and since it was relatively small, I scrapped it. After trying a few example files and fixing a few logical errors, linenum.pl works!

Trying to decipher someone else's work was really hard especially since she wasn't here for me to ask questions. I think another problem was that when she decided on the design of her program, she had different goals than I did and it was difficult accomplishing my goals with her program design.

I spent the rest of the week trying to figure out the logic for my second Perl program. I am learning the value of planning out the program before starting to write any code. I am still very happy to have picked up Perl so well this early; however, since I am still rather unfamilar with it, the logic of my program is hard since I don't know all of Perl's capabilities.