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University of Delaware - HiperSpace

I was awarded a research position through the Computer Research Association's Distributed Mentoring Project (CRA-DMP). CRA-DMP matches female undergraduate students with female professors around the US. CRA-DMP funds the student to go to the professor's University and participate in a 10 week summer research project. CRA-DMP matched me with Lori Pollock at the University of Delaware. I will also be working closely with Amie Souter who is a graduate student at UDel. We all work in HiperSpace (HIgh PERformance Computing). CRA-DMP also awarded Laura McGlade a research position in HiperSpace.

After a hetic couple of days (which you can read about in my "journal" entries) Amie, Lori, and I have chosen a project. My project involves designing and implementing a trace analyzer in order to evaluate contextual def-use association (cdua)[1] coverage. This research will provide an experimental evaluation of the test coverage provided by cduas for object-oriented codes. The trace analyzer is an extension of the TATOO[2] tool, which was developed last summer.

This project has several parts:

  • literature review of test coverage analysis,
  • analysis of test coverage tools found on the Web,
  • design trace analyzer for TATOO,
  • implement the design, and
  • test trace analyzer and gather coverage statistics.
  • [1] Amie L. Souter and Lori L. Pollock, "Contextual Def-Use Associations for Object Aggregation," ACM SIGPLAN-SIGSOFT Workshop on Program Analysis For Software Tools and Engineering (PASTE 01), June 2001

    [2] Amie L. Souter, Tiffany Wong, Stacey Shindo, and Lori L. Pollock,"TATOO: Testing and Analysis Tool for Object-Oriented Software," Proceeding of the 7th International Conference, Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems, held as part of ETAPS, April 2001