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Mississippi to Alabama, then Georgia, then Tennessee, then Virginia, then Maryland, and finally...

I actually started out about 10am central time zone. It was later than I had expected, but I just couldn 't get everything done in the few hours I had allocated for packing my '91 Toyota Camry. I said goodbye to my mom (I could tell she still wasn't ready for me to leave) and I set out on my long journey to the North.

I was well equipped with MapQuest and my Wal-mart atlas, and considering most of my travel was on interstates, I didn't get lost. I survived by singing along with my cds and every now and then calling people on my cell phone - I got Sprint PCS nationwide for the summer so I could use my cell phone while at UDel. Between speed control and the relatively light traffic, my trip was rather uneventful (thankfully)... until I got to Newark, Delaware that is!

I had applied for my dorm room months before coming to Delaware, but hadn't heard any confirmation that I was assigned a room except that they cashed my deposit check. So the week before I left, I started this huge email campaign to make sure I did have a place to stay. Finally, the wednesday before I set out I got an email saying I was assigned a single in Rodney Bldg C. The email included directions, as requested...but the directions weren't to Rodney...they were for Clayton Hall. Not only that, Newark has several "one-way" roads which didn't show up on MapQuest. Basically, I ended up driving around and around until I found one of the five roads on the map UDel has on their site!

I finally found the building...but parking...what parking? I parked in the grass like everyone else was doing and walked around the dorm forever looking for the one door that led to the C/D lobby, finally got my key, and almost fainted when I saw the size of the room. (I'm paying $950 for this?!?) The room is about as wide as a queen size bed and about as long as a bed and a half. (My dresser fits at the end of the bed.) I ended up putting the bed in a loft position so I could put my fridge and microwave, amoung other things below the bed. My stuff wouldn't fit otherwise!

I then got directions to the K-mart and a grocery from the office and promptly got lost again. I called my Mississippi friends while I drove around Newark trying to figure out where my dorm was (again). Got to love directions that get you somewhere with one-way streets!

Everything else went pretty smoothly. I scoped out where Smith Hall was so I could get to the lab in the morning. Then I went to one of Newark's 66 eating places that sells pizza. (Newark isn't that big!)