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Week Six: July 9 - 13

The project seems like it is crawling along. Looking back I have spent around 5 weeks working on formatting scripts. I realize that these scripts are essential for TATOO to run properly, but I haven't gotten to the meat of my summer research project, and the summer is rapidly ending.

I have been doing a lot of reseach/reading regarding the implementation of my formatting programs (the preprocessing stuff). For instance, to effectively add brackets, I have studied the Java grammer to find locations I need to add brackets. Basically, the locations brackets need to be added to are places where brackets are optional sometimes, like the if statements I described in week three. If you don't know what Java grammer is, you have no idea how tedious reading grammer is for the first time.

Oh well, enough complaining. This week, I made a few modifications to linenum.pl and brackets.pl when I realized I needed to use regular expressions instead of index. I have also located the parts I need to change in Tiffany's code so I don't have to rewrite the Java program that adds print statements.