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Dave Matthews and Camden, NJ

Lucky, lucky me! Since one of Laura's roommates (Laura being the other CRA-DMP undergrad here) had an extra ticket to the sold out Dave Matthews Band Concert on Saturday, June 23rd, I got to experience the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ! It was a pretty exciting trip. We drove by Wilmington, Delaware, credit card capital of the world! (Both my Discover and Mastercard have homes in Wilmington.) Then, I got a tour of Philadelphia while Kristen (Laura's roommate) went swimsuit shopping. After that, we picked up some more concert-goers, cramming 5 people into Kristen's Contour... and we were off...

We drove across the Benjamin Franklin bridge to get to New Jersey. You don't have a toll going, but watch out...it costs $3 to get back to Philadelphia! In Camden, I saw the RCA center and the Philly skyline. We parked on the 5th floor of the parking garage (the top) and tailgated! We ate sandwiches, pickles, blueberries, peaches, and Angela's infamous strawberries soaked in vodka. Some nice guys gave us Corona since we let them borrow a knife to cut their limes and a bottle opener.

After a couple of hours we decided to head for the Tweeter Center and find some seats on the lawn. Only seconds after we stepped out of the parking garage, it started pouring and drenched us! The rain stopped as quickly as it started and we had blue skies by the time Dave came on. And we danced.

When the concert was over we made it back to the car in record time only to experience the lack of traffic flow in Camden. To better understand the problem: shut your eyes and imagine 25,000 people trying to use one road to get to the one bypass that leads to the one interstate. It took us an hour and a half just to get out of the parking garage. Needless to say, I slept all day Sunday!