Wednesday, 29 July 2009
One more week!!!
Two weeks left and the site is looking awesome! Elizabeth's computer has been in and out of that Mac repair place so many times! At least the summer is almost over so she can get it checked out back home.

There is officially a new logout page, since the one before wasn't really registering that they were logging out of the site. I also installed image module and got chat working more efficiently. Now only logged in people can see it. Additionally, I made the news archive and member directory in the primary links. The rest of this week will be implementing some minor features. These include: uploading pictures, resizing pictures in some of the views, and make a profile percentage incentive for people will want to fill out their profile that will only show if they have pieces missing from their profile information.

After work, it was so nice outside that I went for a five mile run. It was not meant to be 5 miles, but i got lost.