Friday, 7 August 2009
I'm Leeeeaving, on a jet plane...
...dunno when I'll be back again. Goodbye Pennsylvania, goodbye apartment, goodbye Elizabeth. This was an amazing experience and I wish well upon those who participate in the future. You'll have a blast!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009
Last week! Everything is looking great. I did a lot of stuff over the weekend. The Sarah-clan does not sleep!

Progress: pictures don't mess up the display! Views are restored! The photo gallery shows 6 random pictures on their profiles page! I didn't like the Drupal module block for pending friend requests so I made my own block for people to check their requests. I also redid the boxes in the preface div areas and added random image block just for fun. Some more on the profile pages, I fixed it so forums can only be 40 characters long before the infamous dotdotdot implying to read more with a link to the post.

Another thing I've done with my fellow researchers was to teach a girl how to use div tags. (Note: spacers and tables equals bad design) I also taught Tisha the newsletter stuff. Speaking of, I need to install a new module for her tomorrow. Finalizing the site and teaching the new grad students how to take off where we left off. I think Liz will do a fantastic job with what we've done because she's picking up Drupal pretty fast. It helps that we told her about all the common errors we ran into over the summer.