Friday, 17 July 2009
I think a pulled something...
Jackie and I failed at palates, enough said. Tonight was my favorite night here because it was full of "Last Bolean Girl", french dip, and twilight books. It's already week seven and you can feel the projects end in the near distance. I feel it will all be over too soon. Alas, there are three weeks left and I'll need all that time.

This week I finished the resources and funstuff tabs. The front page stopped working so I had to see what that was about. Apparently I need a new jquery javascript file? I wonder why this wasn't noticed sooner. It must have stopped working after the server transfer. It also messed up some of the theme but I think it is all finally coming together.

NOTE: For someone that doesn't cook, I was pretty proud of my penne rosa earlier this week. It even provided the best lunches for a few days. Win.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009
I loved my weekend! It went by too fast. Met a lot of interesting people on the bus though, especially Joeseph who was going up to PA to work in sprinklers. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

At work this week, I have profiles posting the most recent forum contributions. Everything was also moved from my local host onto the server. It was a long day trying to get it all working again since some of the links broke, it was quite frustrating. Jackie and I ended up ordering pizza to lift our spirits... that and we had a coupon.
Now that the site is on the server, you can now logging via PSU! This will be helpful so that the users don't need to remember a new password since they will be part of the PSU college in technology. We also have it so that they can login with one name, but display another if they so desire. I know I wouldn't really want to be totally defined by my university username, but at the same time would like it for login purposes.