Sun, 21 June 2009
Summer Solstice!
Sarah retrieves bagel... eats bagel... and enjoys bagel...
It is the longest day of the year and technically the first day of summer, which I always found weird since I've been done with the semester for the past month now. Although weather wise, it has been rather spring like, so hopefully it will start warming up soon.

Friday was spent trying to configure that darn front page for Firefox. Yeah, it's not happening so much. From what the code looks like, it should work, and it does on IE7... yet there is something messing when using a different browser. Sigh. Workshop is on Monday though, and I will be taking pictures! I love photography, so I'm glad I get other tasks to help with this research group. It'll be a nice temporary change of pace, even if the workshops only go till noon. Then it is back to drupal.

Last night I went to a swing dance house party, which was conveniently just down the street so my lack of vehicle wasn't much of an issue. The host is a really good dancer and I'm sad that he will be leaving for Philly next week. If he were here longer, I'm sure we would've gotten along great. As a side note, dancing till 2am will make your feet hurt, so wear appropriate footwear.

This morning we got up bright and early and went to church. Staying up so late wasn't such a good idea. Yet priorities in mind, I managed to wake up just fine. It helped that they had really good coffee creamer in the lounge area, so I was well caffeinated. When I got back to the apartment, I decided I wanted to start learning Ruby on Rails. It's something I've always wanted to learn, so I've been researching tutorials and got it working on my apache server. It is only a matter of time before I start making epic applications... I hope. Ha-ha.

Other than that, week four starts tomorrow!!!

Thurs, 18 June 2009
Is this facebook? no...
Ok, so we have a chat module! This was hard to implement it in the way I wanted to. Basically it hovers at the bottom and should be collapsible. After hours of poking at the code, I think I found a pretty good solution to the task that more or less fit the specifications of the desired feature. We also now embedded a white board so that when they have online meetings, they can have a visual from the chat moderator. I also added some Javascript things to make the front page more appealing. I was surprised that the site actually looked better than my initial proposed layout. Do to some of the restriction of Drupal, I was forced to change some of my ideas, but it turned out for the best in the end.

Elizabeth has been working on that Google map still. I helped today by working with the css a bit to make the popup attributes right. The project seemed to be at a standstill, but she's working quite valiantly.

This was also the week of the workshop demo. Ana took us through the workshop and we got to experiment with their queries to make sure the workshop they are putting on would go smoothly. I also got around to making cookies for my boyfriend who is researching sea turtles in South Carolina!

Tues, 16 June 2009
Welcome user!
This week is proving to be quite productive. The site now has profile pages! The default ones were not very interesting so I was messing a lot with the css files. Additionally, you can add friends! This is looking more and more like facebook as we go, but at least this is for a special interest group.
Also another tricky part to make look good was user views. Having a nice layout of the users on the site wasn't as easy to customize and I had originally hoped. At the meeting today I found out that I get to learn some more stuff with Jackie about drupal things so that should be good times. It's always nice to know I'm not in it alone.
At church on Sunday, they had the best coffee creamers ever! Thank you Jesus! After that, our mentor hosted a BBQ for someone in the research group that was just getting their masters degree. It was really fun to see her accomplish so much even though I only really knew her for about 2 weeks. Elizabeth and I had a cooking adventure and brought asparagus. It was really good and we went home with a clean pan. ^_^