Thursday, 2 July 2009
Totally Awesome
I'm so glad that I'm getting stuff done again after last week!
Monday, we had our meeting. It was very nice to get set back on track. We made some plans to put in action for the next couple of days.

On Tuesday, we decided to work with the style sheets a little bit since the template we were using had a very wide minimum width. I have a relatively nice resolution computer, so it didn't matter in my case so much, but we were thinking that users of the website might be using screens that might not be able to view sites at least 900px wide. So we had to adjust all the pages from the previous weeks to fit our new template. We also had our follow up meeting and got more logistics on how the site should be set up for new members and what process they should go through to get an account. Now we need a third meeting with Bernie who has implemented this in a site he had done before. That might be next week.

Yesterday, I customized a chat module that will always float at the bottom of the browser. Its default is collapsed, but you can expand the block to actually get in the chat, otherwise you are not forced to use that function of the site. For future projects, it might be nice to have a notification deal that lets you know someone messages you. How it is set up right now, you can't really tell someone messages you unless you expand the chat black. BUT, that's the initial functionality that they wanted so it's just something to come back to. I also started queries to display pictures of a specified user's friends on their profile page, which at the moment is working quite nicely. Today I'll be working more with that project so that there will only show six or so friends at a time. After that I need a way to randomize the query so you don't see the same six every time you visit that user's page.

Another thing yesterday, we went grocery shopping and rented the movie Inkheart. We ate ice-cream, watched the movie and had a lot of fun. I was also excited because I made fajitas for dinner, which is a big step from the regular noodles, or cereal. Unfortunately I was brutally reminded that I don't cook, and I now distrust the box on how long they should be on the stove top...