Sat, 13 June 2009
On top of Mount Nittanyyyy...
All covered with leaves :) Today is Saturday and we just hiked Mount Nittany. We had several sub adventures, i.e. me forgetting a water bottle and Elizabeth having to get dropped of from the pure intensity of the mountain, but overall it was a good hike. After the hike was the strawberry festival and that made me think of home. I miss my banjo. They had the best strawberry shakes there that you had to blend using an exercise bike for power since there were no outlets. crazy!
Finishing up the week in the lab, we implemented permission menus. The site is now divided into subgroups so highschooler members can see items relevant to them while undergrads have their own toolbox/resources.
Also poor Elizabeth. Her computer keeps dying on her and it was our first trip to the computer emergency room.

Wed, 10 June 2009
Dancing Forum Permissions
So, I had to change some things. Now the permissions on the forums let everyone see everything, but only relevant users can contribute. It was a little bit more complicated, but Drupal is really amazing at handling situations such as these. Other than that, we worked on getting the map to look pretty in the Facebook task of the internship. I was just there to help with the CSS since I know most of the style tags off the top of my head, even if they are easily found on Google. I think I saved our productivity about 5 minutes though. Huzzah! After that exciting endeavor, I messed with the forum a bit more before we were beckoned from a nearby grad student who was looking for help with a PHP coding problem. Although I wasn't able to directly answer the question, I did know where to reference him too, and from there, he was able to find some tutorials on what he needed. Being a grad student might not be so bad since we seem to be helping them about as much as they are helping us at the moment.

After work I hung around campus till about 6pm. Swing dancing was being held in the White Building, and I've decided to join their club for the summer. It is full of amazing dancers, and it was a very welcoming environment. Which to true form, the majority of my friends in a certain place are going to be dancers. It's fun because a lot of dancers have the same kind of humor and are very comfortable with others. It has only taken a week and I feel like I've been in the club all year. Here are some pictures of my new friends dancing:

Mon, 8 June 2009
Monday! Week two! I managed to get through all of the Drupal Tutorials. I should be an expert in this Content Management System (CMS) by now, right? So I got Drupal set up on my local host via my WAMP server and configured it all to be relevant to our needs instead of the underwater reality that the tutorial based their site on. As much as I love underwater housing, it might prove unhelpful to our website project. Although, I did keep the accomplishments I made last week. (i.e. the user profiles and the related)

The two main features added to the site today were a newsfeed and a forum. I also worked with permissions on aforementioned forum so that certain users can only see threads that are relevant to their community level.

When I got home, I was intrigued with Elizabeth's game that she had on her computer. It's such an addicting game, but it's something we can play together now, instead of her being all up in her room by herself, and me in mine. Now we can be nonsocial together! I was doing pretty good for a while since she was showing me all the ropes and helping me get money for the game. I foresee this taking up a lot of my free time in the near future.