Saturday, 25 July 2009
Totally Awesome
End of week eight and there are so many things to tweak! I spent the rest of the week fixing form permissions and flows while paying attention to the style it needed to follow. I also added Tisha to the site so she can know how to use the site after we leave. I need to implement a newsletter module for her so that all the members can receive the newsletters if they are subscribed.

Last night, I went swing dancing in York, PA! It was on my list of things to do over here, along with a visit to Hershey that I don't think that will happen... At least I got to do some of the things I planned. This summer is going by way too fast!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009
How do you buy your chicken?
I can't grocery shop. Eight weeks here and I still don't know how to buy chicken. It was flustered and decided to get none.

This week in the lab, must was achieved. I worked on the registration process that included: forms, permissions, and a lot of other outside factors. The goal is to have the registration process and smooth as possible. A lot of queries were being used to tell what step they were on. There is also a registration hold while it's being reviewed, so I set up a role edit notification as well so they know when their account is active on the site. I also tweaked the front page, some theme work, and formed the differences between roles and just being authenticated.

Tonight it was raining, which I usually love, except that swing club was outside. There was a hilarious umbrella dance between me and my lead, Joy, however.