Sat, 28 June 2009
Pokemon- Gotta Catch 'em All
It's the weekend again! We basically finished the week fidgeting with things that were already working. I got the site up on a free webhost so that Elizabeth could start working with it. It was in itself an interesting process, and after several file transfers, we got it up and running. Hopefully the transition to the server will go just as well, but it's nice to know that we can move it successfully to a new host. ^_^
This weekend went by pretty fast, and I didn't really do much, although Elizabeth and I did make our way out to Nittany Mall after church. She got a gift for her sister and a Celtic rock CD while I got this awesome Pokemon shirt :D !!! The rest of the weekend was spent playing a computer version of the Pokemon games for Nintendo. win ^_^

Wed, 24 June 2009
Workshop, Ultimate Frisbee and Climbing Trees
Week four has been rather chill. We had the workshops and I think since there was no official meeting, it kind of threw off the weekly schedule we had previously had. Those meetings have always proven to be a major pep talk for the week.

So on Monday, we had our workshop. I was the official photographer while walking around the room full of high school girls learning to use database tables and queries. Here are some pictures from the event that the wConnect team will be using in their websites and the such as:

After work on Monday, I went and played ultimate Frisbee with Jacquie and her friends. It was rather intense and I have confirmed by inability to efficiently throw plastic. Needless to say we lost. Before walking back home we found a rather nice tree and sat in it until about 10:30pm. We might have stayed in the tree longer if it wasn't for me getting a phone call.

The past two days I've been working on adapting some of the front page things for Firefox. I am pleased that the site is now functional cross browsers. I also got the site up on a free server so that Elizabeth can start looking at how she wants to implement her map visualization. I feel kind of bad for her though, her computer has been less than helpful lately. It has made several visits to the computer store here, as well as a rather long voyage to t he apple headquarters in California... Only to do what they did at the shop here... hopefully that fixed it.

Swing dancing tonight was also a lot of fun. It was the last time I'll probably see Dan, but it was fun just getting to meet such a great dancer. I have some pictures from tonight as well: