Week 9

I continued application development this week with Java Swing and JUNG libraries. I am integrating various components I have developed into a single GUI application and I began drawing simple graphs with JUNG. I am now concentrating on combining all functionality into one tool. I've made toolbars, menu options, tool tips, multiple split panes, and am still working on an efficient way to support multiple queries through widgets on the GUI while giving the user flexibility. With menu-driven options, the user must pick from a limited set of choices, but purely text-based GUI input introduces opportunity for error and assumes that the user know the capabilities of the database. I am trying to determine a way to better present some interesting possible queries to the user, limiting them as little as possible, while structuring their search and query tasks. This is one of the usability trade-offs Mary Beth and Jack talk about in their Usability Engineering book and I'm experiencing it first hand!

I decided to implement some simple example of what the entire system might accomplish, in an effort to gain some closure on the project. This should provide an adequate proof of concept and serve as a high-fidelity prototype.

Eva and I are both very happy to be traveling to SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles for the conference this year! We are getting packed and ready to go!

(Eva, Gregorio, and Me)