Week 5

This week I linked some of my project files to webpages that I can access easily and put Java docs and other documentation online.

I constructed the database on the server and experimented with implementing remote connections to it. I wrote more Java code to do this with the JDBC driver. I loaded the log data into the database based on meaningful fields and tables to facilitate complex queries such as: which users were using which object at what times? , what object did a particular user use the most? What are the times of day that are particular user is using the system?

The overarching project goals I've defined are:
1. Provision of a means of evaluation of Teacher BRIDGE through examination of quantitive use patterns (e.g. how many users stopped using the system altogether and when, what percentage of initial users remained active throughout a given period of time, what was the drop-off rate or increase in use throughout a given period of time? What times of the day do most users require the most resources?).

2. Provision of a means of knowledge acquisition for users of Teacher BRIDGE through log-based visual query results that display both work activity and social activity in the Teacher BRIDGE collaborative environment. In particular, query results should enhance the user's knowledge of:
  • the different kinds of activity in the system
  • how that activity relates to the user's own activity
  • how the user can proceed in the system to accomplish a task they wish to perform, especially when this task is connected to or dependent on other users of the system

  • I have been relaxing by taking long drives and eating fresh produce from local farms and Wegman's This is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jack also took all of the CSCL students to a film this past weekend.