Week 7

This week I continued application development and wrote more Java code to collect queries from the now remotely connected database and I incorporated some of my design document choices into the application. For example, my design specifies loading and saving of visualizations as images, multiple query tool panels, a toolbar with menu functions, zoom functions, and multiple panes (visual and textual) for viewing query results.

I am still working on generating some visualizations graphically from various query results I retrieve from the log database.

I've realized that it was a good idea to discuss project expectations with the group initially and check in through group meetings and private meetings with Mary Beth to help manage my time. I am learning how to initiate group meetings as well as how to use the meeting time effectively by preparing action items to address, questions for others, and outlines of my own ideas and project status to review in the meetings.

There is a lot of balanced reciprocity in this lab. Students are happy to help other students with tasks like proofreading, debugging, and system administration and they rely on others for the same support. I enjoy making myself available for this and I am grateful for all of the suggestions and pointers I've received from the group.

Eva in the lab