Week 8

I decided to try using JUNG libraries for the drawing portion of the visualization project. "JUNG is a framework on which applications and tools for handling and visualizing graph and network data can be built. It can be used in simple snippets of code to test ideas, or in the context of a sophisticated tool with a graphic user interface."

"The JUNG architecture is designed to support a variety of representations of entities and their relations, such as directed and undirected graphs, multi-modal graphs, graphs with parallel edges, and hypergraphs. It provides a mechanism for annotating graphs, entities, and relations with metadata. This facilitates the creation of analytic tools for complex data sets that can examine the relations between entities as well as the metadata attached to each entity and relation."

There are several libraries to download and link to the Java code. I had a lot of trouble setting up the libraries initially, but finally found the right combination of jar files to include.