Week 10 and Beyond

This was an exciting week. I took mini courses in Bayesian learning, Augmented Reality, unconventional user interfaces, and haptic interfaces and viewed paper presentations and posters at SIGGRAPH.

I learned a lot this week about current research areas of graphics and user interfaces. It was beneficial to see the diverse academic and professional community at SIGGRAPH and compare different contributions to the field.

I started to say bittersweet goodbyes this week. Mary Beth and Jack invited the CSCL group to their home for dinner and I had a great time. I am happy to be returning to New York City, but I have to admit that I have gotten quite comfortable here! I made some friends whom I hope to keep in very close contact with.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Distributed Mentorship Project and have learned so much about myself and what computer science-related research in the domain of HCI entails. I am more confident about being a woman in computer science and I have been inspired, amazed, humbled and encouraged by the dedicated PhD students I have met.

Beyond Week 10
Project progress:
I am wrapping up the Teacher BRIDGE log visualization prototype. Here is an image of the final GUI-based application: