Week 2

Direct-manipulation gaming project:
Jayne and I compiled a list of worthwhile reading this week. We also drew out storyboards describing our game, began a design document, and used 3D Studio to import new graphics into the Alice environment. This
reading list
reflects our reading thus far.

New: Data visualization project:
My interest in CSCW technologies has led me to request a project concerned with Teacher BRIDGE and it turns out that there is a ton of log data just waiting to be parsed, fed into a constructed database, and analyzed. Rather than applying data mining techniques or statistical anaysis approaches alone, Mary Beth has suggested that I focus on generating some interesting visualizations for Teacher BRIDGE users.

The Teacher BRIDGE project requires some feedback from Virginia Tech. This week I explored the Teacher BRIDGE synchronous collaboration environment and a few of the projects/objects within it that might be the focus of possible activity to analyze. I've also been exploring database implementation for the log data once it is extracted by the researchers at Virginia Tech.

I also compiled some recommended readings in the areas of CSCW, HCI, telecommunications, user-interfaces, and visualization.