Week 6

This week I completed the design document for the Teacher BRIDGE log visualization project, which I will begin to refer to as the Teacher BRIDGE Activity Visualization Tool. I explored different choices for a web versus stand-alone application and have decided to write a stand-alone application for the purposes of faster prototyping and proof of concept. I cannot run an X server on CSCL for remote users who wish to connect to the server and run the application on an exported host machine, so connection to the database over TCP/IP will be necessary in either case to connect to the database to run any sort of GUI framework.

I did some basic GUI programming for the visualization tool using Java Swing and also began to explore Java 2D versus other drawing tools and APIs for turning textual query results from the log database into meaningful visual drawings.

The campus doesn't cease to amaze me. The gym is quite large, the computer labs and work areas are spacious and the libraries have CDs and a wide variety of updated periodicals (I picked up a great early gurus of electronic music CD with some of my favorite electroacoustic musicians on it).