Viv at the ArticuLab

week 2

tl;dr Gave presentation; fought with the Cookiegorgon; looked up movie databases.


To kick off the week, Timo* and I gave a talk to some important visitors at CMU ⇒ I quickly whipped up (i.e., planned, created slides for, and delivered) a presentation based on the DREU/ArticuLab work I completed last year. It was definitely the shortest time in which I've prepped a talk (<3 hours) and it was definitely not my finest public speaking moment, but it was pretty okay.

I spent a good portion of the week trying to get various repositories of code working on the Cookiegorgon, who apparently either doesn't like me or doesn't like the InMind architecture (specifically, the part that does natural language understanding, aka NLU). To get the overall system at least running on the laptop, I created a "fake NLU" component that, instead of actually interpreting user speech, searched for certain keywords and made consequent guesses (i.e., detecting "Timothée Chalamet" in a sentence ⇒ assuming the user likes Timothée Chalamet). This was generally helpful for the team in that we now have a backup if things go wrong (or if we want to test only part of the system).

To take a break from the Cookiegorgon problem, I also a) refined my log-to-transcript parsing code from last week and fully incorporated it into the architecture and b) updated and re-formatted a bunch of READMEs for a bunch of repositories.

Finally, after a week of getting acquainted with the project status (and code), I met with Florian to discuss project goals for the summer. For the first part (aka up until our team's next demo, in mid-July), I'll be working on extending task functionality of the system. In other words, I'm adding to the architecture so that our agent can give plot summaries, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, etc. in addition to just movie titles; I got started on that process by diving into movie API research (note to self: elaborate more on what said research entails).

* whom I worked under last year


Fun facts for the week: Y is pronounced "i grec" in French because it stands for "Greek i"; movie posters are often orange/blue; verlan is a thing.