Viv at the ArticuLab

week 4

tl;dr Added OMDb functionality; attended meetings; did rapport annotations


I started off the week by first deciphering the current DM (created using DialogOS), then extending it to query OMDb for additional movie info. Along the way, I wrote up documentation and dealt with some strange blips re: running the framework (i.e., JitPack).

We also had a lot of meetings this week--one re: potential improvements to the NLG; another re: a coding manual for the ArticuLab; and a third re: the scenario for our movie agent. (Also, our weekly interns' meeting, during which we read research papers for the projects we're not on--i.e., we InMind interns read about SCIPR, and vice versa.)

Finally, I spent all of Friday with my fellow intern-teammates Yoo Jin and Shruti, doing rapport annotations for transcripts (i.e., trying to reach IRR).


We celebrated Alankar's birthday with two cakes!