Viv at the ArticuLab

week 6

tl;dr Tested/fixed system; updated DM and NLG; did an Instagram takeover(!)


Florian's away (vacation, then a conference) this week and next, so Yoichi, Alankar, and I started off the week by setting goals/deadlines for the demo (and agreeing on a 10am daily meeting for these next two weeks to track our progress).

I spent the week working on a temporary NLG module for the demo (better than the current one, but not as flexible/organic as what I hope to do after the demo), as well as revamping the DM (to accommodate our new scenario ideas as well as to work with the new NLG).

Since Florian's the InMind PI and he wasn't here, I also got to run our weekly team meeting! (Slides here.)

Also: on Thursday, I did an Instagram takeover (i.e., documented my day) for Rewriting the Code (for which I'm a 2019 fellow!). Read about my experience here.


Drove down to Baltimore for a small family reunion, during which my cousins and I made empanadas and I was brutally destroyed in Monopoly.