Viv at the ArticuLab

week 10

tl;dr Researched NLG; constructed a new DM


This week, I read up on existing NLG systems, particularly regarding content planning (which is what I'm focusing on at the moment). (NLG consists of first content planning—deciding what to say—and then sentence planning—deciding how to say it.)

I also constructed a new (very simple—hoping to revamp this soon) DM that works better with the multiuser aspect of the framework.


Friday after work, we grabbed Chipotle (on account of Florian never trying it) and held a game night (i.e., Drawful and Taboo) at the lab.

And Saturday: Shruti, Alankar, Faraz, and I took a day trip over to Ohiopyle, where we hiked; biked; and took a lot of pictures. (Shruti and I also sang practically non-stop in the car.)