Viv at the ArticuLab

week 1

tl;dr Set up work environment; read papers; parsed log files.


After ArticuLab onboarding, I started out by setting up my new work laptop, officially named the Cookiegorgon (inspired by this). This included downloading things like Gradle and Sublime Text, setting up my Harry Potter shortcuts, etc.

This week turned out to be good timing for the menial and manual labor of setup, as the team was away for a couple days demo-ing their work in California. To pass the time, I also read some papers on rapport and put together a lit review.

Finally, I wrote up a quick Java program to parse our system's log files, which record user/agent utterances, and turn the data into a nice .csv transcript (which also included some other important info from the log files).


Fun facts for the week: Sublime has a new logo; my umbrella changes color in the rain; food trucks can be an excellent source of lunch.