Hitaxi Kalaria's DREU 2010 webpage

Week7: Jul 26 - Aug 1

This week I started by reading "Differentially Private Data Release through Multidimensional Partitioning" paper. The authors have proposed two multidimensional partitioning algorithms. As a part of my project, I will be understanding the code and run some experiments on one of the partitioning algorithm based on kd trees. The code for the algorithm is written in MATLAB. I had never used MATLAB before so I spent some time to learn MATLAB basics. I spent the rest of the week to understand the MATLAB code for the algorithm.

So, week seven is over and just got three more weeks... I have got to make the best of the remaining three weeks... I really do not want my summer to end so soon. This weekend, I visited the World of Coca-Cola Museum which is an exhibit featuring the history of The Coca-Cola Company. It was interesting to learn the history of the famous beverage and its journey through centuries. Learned some interesting facts about the company like Coca-Cola was invented in Georgia! It's a good place to visit if you like learning some historical facts about the company and oh yes you do get a chance to taste various other products of Coca-Cola from different countries!!!