Hitaxi Kalaria's DREU 2010 webpage

Week10: Aug 16 - Aug 22

This week, I worked on my final report for the most part. The notes I had been taking all along in the past weeks had helped me the most while I was writing my report. In my notes whenever I summarized any important point or fact, I also noted the source for it. This practice helped me with the citations in my report and thus saving me the hassle of going through all the references over and over again to find the source for a particular point. I had used LaTeX before so this time I was feeling much confident while writing the report. But, the joy was short lived when I ran in some issues while including graphics, which were resolved eventually after much trial and error. I learned that every time I use LaTeX, there is always something new to learn and discover and thus help me get better at it.

This week had sort of mix vibes. I was really excited of going back home and was looking forward to spend some time with my family and friends before the school starts but at the same time I was also feeling a bit sad as I will be saying goodbye to my new friends and Atlanta. The past 10 weeks were some of good times that I will always remember.